The Alaska Mobility Coalition (AMC) is a private, non-profit membership organization that represents and advocates for public and community transportation in Alaska. We have 125 members across the state from Bethel to Prince of Wales Island. Our members provide over seven million rides annually for Alaskans to get to work, school and medical appointments, for more information, please check out our website at

Support state match for public and community transportation in Alaska - Building on the success from last years legislative session, the AMC will continue to advocate for a partnership between the State of Alaska and public and community transportation providers. In the last legislative session, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities was awarded $1,000,000 to use as state match for public and community transportation providers across the state. For every $1 million provided in this state match an additional $3-4 million dollars is brought into the state.

We strongly believe that $1 million is not enough to meet the growing demand for public and community transportation in Alaska and support an increase up to $3 million in the following years.

Support as Alaska Transportation Trust Fund - Public transportation plays a key role in the economic vitality of a state and a crucial role in the well being of its citizens. We must be planning for the future and guarenteeing the public transportation systems, that have provided over 7 million rides across the state, have a secure future to continue supporting their communities. We believe the future of public transportation can be secured through the creation of a dedicated fund. The idea of a dedicated transportation fund was originally proposed by former Representative Peggy Wilson and will require both a bill before the legislature to create the fund and a constitutional amendment allowing money from the general fund to be dedicated for the use of public transit systems. The federal government is not going to be able to continue funding transit at the same level and as cuts are made it will be important for the state to be able to step up financially ensureing people don't lose access to crucial rides helping individuals to get work, school, or medically necessary appointments.